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Apex Laser System Series


The Apex Tri-Wave Laser Series is the world’s first and only laser device of its kind. Featuring three therapeutic wavelengths of 810nm, 980nm, and 1064nm, this unique system is changing the way healthcare professionals treat pain and injuries. The Apex Tri-Wave incorporates 15 watts of high power with each wavelength for a total output of 45 watts. With PowerDose Diodes, Wavelength MultiPlexer Technology, and Patient Driven Response (PDR) Protocols, the Apex Laser Series gives you a powerful, versatile device that drives the best outcomes for all patients.

Pinnacle Laser System Series


The Pinnacle Series Laser System features class IV laser therapy technology that can deliver more energy than other lasers. The additional power, coupled with our optimal wavelength and treatment beam size, results in deeper penetration, significantly faster treatment times, and delivery of the proper therapeutic dosage. The Pinnacle Series features the broadest laser power range from 1 to 60 watts, allowing professionals to adjust to the optimal dosage level for each patient. These features provide healthcare professionals an enhanced ability to treat difficult conditions and ultimately provide better clinical outcomes to all patients.

Available in: 30 Watt – 30 Watt Dual Wavelength – 45 Watt – 60 Watt

Summit Laser System Series


The Summit Series is a specially designed laser system that can perform superior class IV laser therapy treatments. By simply switching probes and changing treatment protocols in the easy-to-use touch-screen software, the Summit Laser System will stay busy working for you all day long. This versatility makes it the perfect fit for just about any medical practice, regardless of discipline. The Summit Series Laser System is easily transportable for effortless moving between treatment rooms, and it includes a wheeled travel case for transport from location to location.

Available in: 10 Watt – 15 Watt – 20 Watt

Class IV Laser Accessories

Our selection of class IV laser accessories are compatible with all Aspen Laser treatment systems. For your laser system, we offer:

Characteristics of Class IV Therapy Lasers

Larger dosages of therapeutic energy: Class IV lasers can deliver up to 1,500 times more energy than Class III and, consequently, reduce treatment time.

Larger dosages of therapeutic energy: Class IV lasers can deliver up to 1,500 times more energy than Class III and, consequently, reduce treatment time.

Deeper penetration into the body: Leading Class III lasers only penetrate 0.5-2.0cm2. Class IV can penetrate up to 10cm2.

Larger treatment surface area: Class III cover a treatment area of 0.3-5.0cm2, depending on the model and manufacturer. Class IV cover up to 77cm2. This is important when treating large regions, such as the lumbar spine, quadriceps, or hips.

Greater power density: Power density indicates the degree of concentration of the power output. This property has been shown to play a major role in therapeutic outcomes.

Continuous power supply: In Class III lasers, the power is pulsed or modulated approximately 50% of the time. In other words, light is permitted to pass through the probe for only 50% of the total operating time. In most cases, Class IV lasers deliver a consistent amount of energy over a given time. Their power can be adjusted for acute and chronic conditions.

Superior fiber optic cables: Fiber optic cables transmit laser energy from the laser to the treatment probe (wand) at the end of the cable. Several studies reveal that as much as 50% of the light energy generated by a Class III laser may be lost by the time it reaches the end of the probe.

Your Professional Benefits

Laser Training

Education and training are key components for a successful laser therapy treatment program. ChiroEquip will help you to aquire the education you need in the field of Photobiomodulation (Laser) Therapy, which ensures that each device will be used safely and properly in order to achieve optimal clinical outcomes.


We provide the tools and experience in helping you differentiate your practice by marketing Aspen Laser Therapy to your patients and community. Practice differentiation is important today because consumers have more healthcare choices than ever before. Successful practices stand out from the crowd by providing new and innovative services like Aspen Laser Therapy that the competition does not have.


ChiroEquip offers 100% financing programs for chiropractic and physical therapy equipment financing and more.

Additionally, by financing any healthcare equipment, you can avoid obsolescence. 


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