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How to care for upholstery

How to care for upholstery

3 Tips for Sanitizing Upholstery

In the Covid-19 era, sanitizing has become an incredibly important practice.

However, using the wrong sanitizer or incorrect methods when cleaning your equipment can be detrimental to the
upholstery. Here are a few quick tips to remember next time you sanitize:

1. Never use sanitizer that includes alcohol. Over time, alcohol will cause your upholstery to dry out and crack, leading to an expensive upholstery bill.

2. Do not spray sanitizer directly onto the upholstery. In doing so, you risk spraying the metal frame and causing it to rust or spraying the electronic components and causing them to short. Instead, spray the sanitizer onto a cloth, then carefully wipe down the upholstery.

3. Use a soft, white cloth when wiping down upholstery, never a rough cloth or a cloth that might bleed color.

If you would like more tips on sanitation, or to find out which sanitizers are the best on the market, give our office a call!

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