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Looking for Equipment Professionally Renewed by ChiroEquip?

Looking for Equipment Professionally Renewed by ChiroEquip?

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Professional Equipment Repair Services

ChiroEquip | Professionally Renewed Equipment

Many clinicians have found that some of their favorite equipment can be restored to an even better condition than it was in originally. This service, which we refer to as “Certified Restored Equipment” is something we take pride in doing for you. We can rebuild your equipment so that it looks and functions just like new. We can repaint, replace bushings, pivoting pins, bolts, motors, control boxes, coils, wiring, elevation pedals, micro-switches, solenoids, drop rebuilding, foam replacement and reupholstery.

Our Service Includes


Tables/ Decompression Units

What’s your favorite table that you want to restore? You can have it reconditioned for a fraction of the cost of a new one, plus our repairs include a warranty covering our work for up to a year.


Save Money and Get Just What You Want!

Reconditioned Electrotherapy can be a cost-effective option.  We service nearly every brand of electrotherapy device, as well as most lasers. We perform full service repair right down to the electronic components and boards.
Please call us at 469 828-1901 before sending your unit in to confirm the work! There is a bench fee of $85 to look at your unit and diagnose the problem. Then, we will quote you the total repair cost (parts and labor). Please include a note with your unit that describes the issue, your contact information, then ship your unit (Insured) to: 
2750 Northaven Rd. – Suite 106,
Dallas, TX 75229

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Our team of repair technicians are wanting to service your equipment so that it is as good as new. 
Give us a call to schedule your service or to receive an estimate for repair.

CALL 469-828-1901

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Please send clear side view PICS of the product needing service!
You have two options to send those pictures mentioning your Company/Personal Name:

a) Send them by text to 214 303-7899
b) Email your pics to Kent@chiroequip.com.