Advanced Medical Duo Wave

Advanced Medical Duo Wave


Advanced Medical Duo Wave

Optimal-Power Output, German-manufactured Multi-Diode Emitter Technology The Advanced Medical DUO-Wave” 60Watt 808+980nm Laser System comes with German-manufactured Diodes (considered the best in the industry) which can deliver up to 60Watts (60,odom\Af) of continuous wdv€ (C\Ar) or pulsed laser energy in the two most effective therapeutic wavelengths (808nm+980nm), making it the most powerfully effective therapy laser available. More power equates to more absorption, deeper penetration, less attenuation, faster treatment times and more effective delivery of therapeutic laser dosages, with enhanced ability to treat the most difficult conditions and achieve optimal clinical outcomes.

My Drive DUO-WAVE 808+980nm Dual Emitter Technology Mean Better Penetration & Absorption, less Attenuation The Advanced Medical 60Watt DUO-WAVE Laser System produces 808nm PLUS 980nm energy beams from IWatt to 30Watts per wavelength, for maximum 60Watt penetration into the widest range of tissue types. Penetration is essential to stimulate deep musculoskeletal, vascular, lymphatic, and neurological tissue structures as up to 6S% of laser energy is often absorbed into the skin and subcutaneous tissue layers. Under optimal conditions, combining the 808nm & 980nm wavelengths is proven to be most effective for stimulating the widest range of affected cellular structures due to corresponding low melanin, water, and blood serum absorption rates.

PTVF© (Patient Tissue Varfabf/lty Factors) – VERY IMPORTANT!

Laser therapy dose effectiveness is dependent on a variety of patient tissue factors, all other variables being equal – (i.e. wavelength(s), output power, etc.). For example, Degenerative Disc Disease requires a large volume of high-output energy for successful resolution, while oral cavity sores require only a small volume of low-output energy to successfully treat; effective treatment application for most other conditions lie somewhere in between. The primary variables affecting depth of penetration, absorption, and attenuation are listed below:

  • Tissue Type: Epithelial (simple & stratified), Connective, Muscle, Nervous.
  • Tissue Structure: Simple squamous, columnar, cuboidal; Stratified squamous, columnar, Pseudostratifed columnar; Transitional.
  • Tissue Density: Adiposity Index vs BMI, Or Body Mass Index
  • Tissue Permeability (the ability of wave energy to pass through, or be absorbed by tissue structures)
  • Tissue Proximity: (depth of tissue (shallow vs. deep)
  • Tissue Pigmentation: six levels, from white to black (Fitzpatrick Scale)
  • Tissue Hydration: Hydrated or dehydrated (typical Min. S4.8% to Max. 78.1%)
  • Tissue Stress: Bio-behavioral factors that can induce cell damage (cortisol levels, etc.)/i :
  • Tissue Age: from atrophic to neoplastic. Patient Immune System Function.
  • And more…

The Advanced Medical 60Watt DUAL WAVE 808+980nm Laser System is designed to address the complete range of Patient Tissue Variability Factors during the application, as a means to provide more optimal treatment than any other therapy laser available!

NOTE: No other medical laser manufacturer recognizes the critical nature of patient tissue variability factors, and the need to design, manufacture, and sell laser devices that can adequately address these important variables.Features:

  1. 400Um fiber cable with aluminum alloy protective sleeve
  2. Durable aluminum alloy handpiece
  3. Stainless steel fiber cable holder
  4. Color touch screen
  5. Key switch safety feature
  6. Emergency shut-off safety feature
  7. Laser energy output port
  8. Dual-fan high-output cooling system for hours of non-stop, maximum-energy, continuous-wave output without overheating
  9. Industry-best German-manufactured Multi-Diode Emitters, for premium precision & durability
  10. Simple, easy-to-use laser-control software interface


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