FMST Tools


FMST Tools

  • The larger tool can be applied to broad areas of the body,
  • The smaller tool is designed for more delicate areas such as the hands, feet, and neck
  • Both are latex-free


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FMST Tools

FMST Tools gently manipulates tissue over all surfaces of the body, reduces scarring, controls pain and improves joint and muscle flexibility. The custom-molded non-slip thumb grip makes tools easy to grasp and hold, even with slippery creams. At 12 oz. and 4.6 oz. respectively, their superior weight allows you to affect tissue with fewer strokes and less pressure. The ambidextrous design means that every single edge on our tools can be used for better compatibility of treatment on multiple body areas.

These tools are the soft tissue mobilization tools that can take myofascial manipulation and mobilization to the next level in your practice. The design of the two tools available enables you, the practitioner to work over all surfaces of the body quickly and easily. Kit includes F1 and F2 Tools, 26-page Clinical Guide Book, Foam-lined protective case and Biotene Controlled Glide Massage Cream (.25oz. sample).


Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 7 × 9 in


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