Automatic Flexion Table
Elite Auto Flexion with Elevation
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Elite Auto Flexion with Elevation

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Product Description

The Elite Auto Flexion Table with Elevation is a motorized flexion table that offers variable degrees of flexion, or a standard adjusting table with your choice of drops.

Standard Features


  • Motorized elevation for comfortable working position
  • Eight inches of elevation height adjustment controlled by a foot switch
  • Electric motor is powerful, quiet and smooth, rated to 230 kg (500 lbs.)

Automatic Flexion:

  • Motorized deep flexion depth (22-25 degrees)
  • Electronic count down timer allows you to set the duration of flexion treatment with automatic shutoff when the time has elapsed
  • Speed control dial allows you to finely adjust the flexion speed


  • Cervical headpiece can be raised up to 6” above cushions
  • Cervical drop (forward motion oriented or straight down motion)


    • 21″ wide table surface; Elevating thoracic and Pelvic/Lumbar sections (each tilt upward to 15 degrees)
    • Knee break (adjusts up 20 degrees, down 10 degrees) with ankle rest extension
    • Ankle rest extension
    • Variable cushion position


    • Table base durable powder coat finish in your choice of color
    • Sturdy welded steel construction
    • Low maintenance, dependable function


    Headpiece Upgrades:

    • Dual Drop - Standard multidirectional headrest with forward motion and toggle drops
    • HP-FLEX Headpiece – Includes all the features of our standard headpiece plus long axis transaction
    • HP-FLEX-L Headpiece – Includes all the features of the HP-FLEX Headpiece plus lateral flexion

    Extra Drops:

    • Easy drop foot cocking pedal on both sides of table
    • Pelvic cushion will drop in either a Flexed / Neutral / Extended position Customizable with your choice of drops: cervical, thoracic (full or upper & lower), and pelvic
    • Thoracic drop available with abdominal breakaway feature

    Axial Rotation Upgrade:

    • Manual rotation can be locked in any position
    • User friendly locking handle
    • Can be added to Manual Flexion, Auto Flexion or Auto Manual Flexion tables
    • 22 degrees of rotation
    • (*Please note when the axial rotation feature is added, the table will not have lateral flexion.)

    Electric Distraction Upgrade:

    • Electric distraction of six inches
    • Upgrade available on all flexion tables
    • (*Please note when the electric distraction feature is added, the pelvic cushion will not have a peaking mechanism when ordered on the following tables: Manual Flexion, Auto Flexion, HiLo Flexion and Auto Manual.)

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