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KDT Neural Flex Decompression MultiTool System

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Product Description

The revolutionary KDT Neural Flex Decompression MultiTool System boasts a myriad of distinct advantages over other decompression table choices. Learn about the benefits of this table and best practices through our complementary extensive training process, which includes hands on training in your clinic for 4 hours, an online training course for 6 hours, and a clinical technique training course for 12 hours. 

Features and Details

  • Lumbar and Cervical Decompression
  • Extremity Pulls
  • Side Posture Adjustments
  • High Lo Feature
  • F/D Maneuvers
  • Up to 40 Degrees Inversion
  • Drop Adjusting (Lumbar/ Pelvic Drop)
  • Instrument Adjusting
  • Elevation
  • Vibration Therapy

Unique Patent-Pending Innovations

  • Bolster-less leg elevation with Pelvic Tilt which pre-tensions posterior elements
  • Simultaneous patient and table Y-Axis distraction
  • The Passive Tensioning Reactive Orthopedic Spring controls X-Axis Table Motion. Enhance decompression without added force. Tension can be matched to patient morphology.
  • Upper section pivots at L-5 for true upper body Semi-Fowler Positioning (Supine) and true Prone upper body Reverse Hammock position.
  • Lateral motor mount slide allows lateralization of pull.
  • Effortless prone positioning.
  • Retractable/Adjustable armrests; pronated grab bars and arm buttress eliminates slippage without the need for a wing vest.

Customer Reviews

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Brittney Jones

This table was worth the investment! It makes positioning patients nearly effortless. Kent always gives the perfect amount of training and tools needed. Thank you chiro equip!! I will be sending more clients your way!!