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Tri-Core® Ultimate Cervical Support Pillow Made in Canada

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Tri-Core® Ultimate Cervical Support Pillow Made in Canada

Ultimate comfort and support help reduce headaches and neck pain for better sleep

Four distinct levels of support help restore natural curve of neck for back sleepers

Large side sleeping area with two distinct heights keep head level

Jaw relief channel on edge of pillow for side sleepers

Airflow channels in side sleeping area provide increased face & ear comfort

Shaped center gently cradles the head while sleeping on the back

Helps reduce symptoms of neck pain and stiffness

Designed for comfortable, yet firm support

Ten-year warranty: Product will not lose shape or resilience (Satisfaction Guaranteed)

Nontoxic, non-allergenic molded foam. Latex free.

Includes a premium, machine washable, zip-open pillow cover

For Back and/or Side Sleepers

The Tri-Core® Ultimate combines the best features of our Tri-Core fiber pillow and Therapeutica foam pillow to create the ultimate pillow for support and comfort! This non-allergenic foam pillow provides proper alignment of the neck and supports the head while sleeping to help alleviate headaches and neck pain. The
orthopedic design helps relieve a variety of conditions affecting the neck and shoulders. It is also ideal for CPAP users.

For back sleeping, choose from one of the four distinct neck roll supports to find the one that fits your body and neck best. The shaped center gently cradles the head for comfortable sleep. Increase or decrease the amount of support by simply rotating the pillow to a larger or smaller neck roll. Gradually increase cervical correction by using a larger roll. If at any time you experience increased neck pain, reduce the amount of
support by using a smaller neck roll or a traditional sleeping pillow.

For side sleeping, large side sleeping areas with two distinct heights help keep the head level for proper alignment of the spine. These side surfaces feature airflow channels which gently cushion your face and ear for comfortable sleep. Channels on each side of the pillow help reduce pressure on the jaw, making it more comfortable for people with TMJ or jaw pain.

For side/back sleepers, enjoy a smooth transition when moving from side to back sleeping or vice versa. Plus, you will benefit from all the features designed specifically for back or side sleeping.

For CPAP users, a distinct edge allows a CPAP mask and hose to comfortably drape over the side of the pillow. This helps prevent mask/pillow interference and keeps the CPAP mask from moving or placing excessive pressure on the face.

The Tri-Core Ultimate's unique molded foam provides a firm foundation with a surface that is soft to the
touch. Each pillow comes with a machine washable, soft, fitted, zip-open cover that is easily removed for washing.

It may take some time to adjust to this cervical pillow and immediate overuse may increase neck pain. Those who slowly ease their way into orthopedic correction, by alternating between this pillow and their current pillow, achieve the best results. When side sleeping, use side sleeping area. Head cradle is not intended for side sleeping and may cause neck pain.

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