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This is a revolutionary KDT Neural Flex Decompression “MultiTool” system design with a myriad of distinct advantages over other Decompression Table choices.

KDT Neural Flex Decompression MultiTool

The Aspen Pinnacle Pro Laser System is designed to provide significantly greater performance and appearance for the healthcare practice looking to provide the best clinical treatment

Aspen Summit Series laser systems

The piezo single and double-layer technology has been used to create a unique, never previously designed range of optional therapy sources offering point-focused, planar.

Piezowave2 Shockwave
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Long lasting adhesiveness

high electrode pad
dispersion = more pain relief

flexible & conforms to body contourns

easy-grip pigtail

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PEMF 2000 HD

Customers reviews

Nice selection of tables and equipment at very competitive prices. Service has always been good from this company, and it is really nice working with a real person instead of the giant distributing companies. Kent has been in the business for a long time, knows just about everything about the different manufacturers and equipment on the market. A great resource for product and information.
Thomas Kramer
I've known Mr. Kent for many years now. The vast majority of chiropractic and rehabilitation equipment in my clinic was delivered and tech supported by this wonderfull company of truthful and honest people led by Mr.Kent Graves. The last piece I've recently bought from him was KDT decompression table . Delivered and set up on time with many extra. Love this company. !!!
Alexander Leybovich
I have had the great opportunity to work with Kent for several years. His service is impeccable! He has saved me literally thousands of dollars on cost of supplies and equipment over the years. I highly recommend Kent Graves and his company for your chiropractic supplies and equipment.
William Lawson