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2 Channel Digital TENS/EMS/IF Device

by BodyMed
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  • Combat patient muscle fatigue and chronic pain with the help of BodyMed¬s Dual Channel Digital TENS/EMS Combination Unit .
  • This portable unit uses 2 channels to deliver electrotherapeutic relief following accidents and/or injuries that impact any muscle group.
  • Attach electrode patches to affected areas to deliver direct stimulation and relief.
  • Adjustable knobs help control treatment intensity and are capped with protective plastic to avoid injury from amplitude overstimulation.
  • For your patients comfort, customize ramp and wave frequency to deliver the right amount of stimulation.
  • Monitor your patients personal use by enabling the Patient Compliance Meter which tracks and reports their activity by the hour. For fast, on-the-go pain relief that's easy to administer, keep your portable digital TENS/EMS combo unit on hand and ready for treatment.
  • Patience Compliance Meter monitors patient use by the hour.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Adjustable Pulse Amplitude with plastic-covered knobs for safety: 0-80 mA peak into 500 load each channel, constant current.
  • Pulse Rate: 1-Hz-160 Hz (adjustable), 1 Hz/step (1-20 Hz), 5 Hz/step (20-160 Hz).
  • Pulse Width: 50-260 s adjustable for TENS, 10 s/step and 250 s fixed for EMS.
  • Software Ramp Up protects users from a sudden surge.
  • Patient Lock System prevents unauthorized changes to machine settings.
  • Timer: 15, 30, and 60 minute mode; and continuous mode.
  • LCD panel displays modes, pulse rate, timer and CH1/CH2.
  • Also displays TENS pulse width and EMS on/off time.

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