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Taking HEIT to new heights

Zimmer MedizinSystems introduces a new dimension in High Energy Inductive Therapy (HEIT) – the new emFieldPro device for muscle stimulation.

With power up to 3 Tesla (equivalent to 30,000 Gauss), the new emFieldPro offers full and painless penetration. All of this, without any consumables or the need for the patient to disrobe.

Setup is quick and treatment time is typically ten to twenty minutes. Treatment can be mostly unattended.

High Energy Inductive Therapy

The human body is a good conducting medium and that also applies to magnetic fields. As ions in a cell have a charge, the cell membrane also needs a certain amount of charge.

The membrane charge of normal, healthy cells is higher than that of diseased or aged cells, including bacteria and viruses. When the cell membrane charge is low, the cell has too little energy to perform its normal function.

Therefore cells need energy, and stimulation via an electro-magnetic field is known to increase this energy and optimize the function of the cell.

Electromagnetic fields can penetrate cells, tissues, organs and bones without any change or loss, activate the electrochemistry of tissues, and improve cell and cell membrane function.

The emFieldPro generates a magnetic field of up to 3 Tesla, which is about 600 times stronger than a normal magnet. This strong magnetic field then stimulates nerve cells, muscles, and blood vessels.

Treatment with emFieldPro

Combined application –
2 applicator heads for static and dynamic treatment

Often, a treatment area is not homogeneous, and pain is not evenly present in the treatment area either. Trigger or pain points might or might not lie within the painful area or area to be treated. Trigger points and pain points are typically treated statically while other areas are treated dynamically.

With combined treatment, care should be taken to ensure that static therapy is initially applied to pain and trigger points. Extensive treatment can then be continued with dynamic application.

Static treatment

For static treatments, use of the large applicator is recommended. It is mounted onto the applicator arm.

Pain points and trigger points for static treatment are initially palpated. The treatment is then administered by selecting the appropriate power output. Every pain point or trigger point is treated.

Dynamic treatment

For dynamic treatments, use of the medium applicator is recommended. No direct skin contact is needed.

Pain or treatment zones are initially palpated. The treatment is then administered by selecting the appropriate power output. Make sure the whole treatment zone is treated.

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