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Lloyd Galaxy Hylo

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Product Description:

The Lloyd Galaxy Hylo Table includes hydraulic tilt from horizontal to 70 degrees, infinitely adjustable speed, and hydraulic extension retraction. A chest lumbar drop with spring breakaway, pelvic drop, ankle drop, and many more options are available. Also available on the Galaxy Hylo is the all-new Lloyd Total Response Drop system on all sections. The Lloyd Total Response Drop System features a one-piece chest cushion while offering a dorsal and lumbar drop that cock and drop individually.

Standard Features and Details:

  • Deluxe/Adjustable Headpiece
  • One Piece Adj. Chest with Adj. Tension Spring
  • Breakaway (when no drops ordered}
  • Chest/Pelvic Separation
  • Extension/Retraction of Length (Power)
  • Adjustable Pelvic (Vertical)
  • Adjustable Ankle Rest (Vertical)
  • Speed adjustment of Hylo Feature
  • Long lasting Naugahyde Upholstery 
  • Tilt Safety Switch

Galaxy Hylo Table Specifications
Height Range 18" to 28"
Fully Extended 84" long
Fully Retracted 76" long
Cushion Width 21" long
Table Width 22" long
Shipping Weight 400 lbs. (approx)
Actual Weight 350 lbs. (approx)
    Color: Chaps

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